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Hmmm.  Went by the park this morning and Parks staff were moving the five new Ginkgo biloba's about 20 feet north of where they'd been planted last week.

Five new Ginkgo biloba sapling trees were added to the park this week.  They were planted just north west of the circle-drive in the south end of the park and we're told they've been planted near an Ash tree that is not expected to survive the ash-borer invasion.

If we can find volunteers willing to regularly water them, we'll add them to the Friends' Adopt A Tree program.  And oh look -- they're very close to the water source in Art in the Park area. 

Interested?  adoptatree (at)

New trees near Shaw Street.

Have you noticed all the newly planted trees?

On June 9th and 10th forty-one new saplings were planted in the park. FoTBP will take on watering as many of them as we can find volunteers to do so. (BTW We've also six pairs of the Sakura Cherry trees which still need adopting too.) Their chances of survival are greatly enhanced if they are watered regularly (ie: never allowed to dry out) during the first three to five years while they develop root systems deep and broad enough to keep them alive. There are four watering stations in the park at which we try and keep water jugs to facilitate our volunteer watering program.

Click here for information on how to sign up for the Adopt A Tree program and what's involved. Or email adoptatree (at) trinitybellwoods (dot) ca.

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