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One of the park's oldest trees, and the only Shagbark Hickory, was taken down last week.  It'd been sporting the orange dot of death since last summer so we knew it was coming.  Still.


Unfortunately, the sapling Shagbark (and the Bitternut Hickory behind it) planted early last summer is a goner as well.  They are apparently very hard to transplant due to their deep tap-roots.  The good news is that Urban Forestry says the park will get a replacement Shagbark, likely next spring.  It will be smaller and younger and its tap-root therefore smaller which should increase the odds of its survival.

Because the trees in the park are being trimmed we have received 3 piles of fresh mulch to be used by the tree adopters to apply the annual ring of mulch around their tree.  The mulch was also used around the Farmer's Market area to mitigate the earth compaction from the extra foot traffic around the stalls.  Check the google map -- the pink pins are where the mulch was dropped.

Bring yourself a bucket or wheelbarrow and a spade.


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We're gearing up for the new season, polishing up those bundle buggies, checking the water jugs and hoses, and talking to the Parks staff about water turned on.


Due to people moving away and/or their schedules changing, we're starting the season with thirteen+ orphan trees in need of adopters to take over responsiblity for watering/weeding/mulching them for the next three to five seasons.   There are three and half Sakura Cherry tree twin-sets in the south end of the park, and six other trees in different parts of the park.

If you regularly walk in the park -- with your kids or your dog -- consider joining our program.  It's a terrific way to give-back to our park and community.  Contact Michaelle, who volunteers as the Adopt A Tree program coordinator at adoptatree (at) trinitybellwoods (dot) ca, or use the contact form here on the website.

You can see which trees are orphaned by having a look at our google map.  The red icons denote the orphans.


Trinity Bellwood's Sakura Cherry trees have burst into bloom a full month earlier than last year.  Today's photos show full blossoms and buds about to pop which are equivalent to the blossoms on May 3rd and 5th of 2011. 

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Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park's Adopt A Tree program will start gearing up sometime in late April or early May when we'll be looking for new adopters or babysitters (for when adopters go on holiday).  The watering season doesn't generally start until sometime in June but depends, of course, on the weather.  Last summer we experienced a very harsh drought from early June to September -- we'll see what Mother Nature has in store for us for 2012.  We will also work with Parks to have a big pile of mulch brought in for our annual Spring Park Day (Sunday, June 10) so that we can refresh the mulch around the bottom of our trees, which helps enormously in preventing damage from those whipper-snapper grass cutters as well as slowing water evaporation. 

If you're interested in becoming involved please give a shout.  Use the contact form here and choose "Adopt A Tree" in the drop-down "To" box.

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