Kirsten and kids water their treeLooking for a FREE way to get involved in the park community, and give yourself an outdoor activity in the summer? Join the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park (FoTBP) volunteer Adopt-A-Tree program and help keep the park's newly planted trees alive through their precarious first four years when their root systems are still shallow.

It's easy to sign up for a specific young tree and from spring to fall make sure it gets five gallons of water each week when there's been no or insufficient rainfall for its first four years. It's a terrific thing to do with kids or while walking the dog.  There are taps in the park and FoTBP provides bundle buggies and plastic jugs to carry the water to your tree.

Interested? Contact our AAT Coordinator using the FoTBP contact form.

Alternatively, come out during the spring or fall "park days" which are announced on the website and in FoTBP's eNewsletter and sign up.


Adopters generally sign up for four years but some move out of the neighborhood or their situation changes.  There are also new trees planted on an ongoing basis.  Take care of a young tree and become a proud parent, like so many before you!  Gratifying to contribute to your neighbour environment and the simplist skills of 'parenting' required ;-)


The Trinity Bellwoods Park's canopy of shady trees is a big part of its appeal and majesty. The FoTBP's Adopt-A-Tree program was established in 2006 by Friend of the park Jenna Hofbauer when she and 

new trees june b 1other park neighbors realised city staff was often stretched too thin to maintain suffient watering in the young trees' first years.  It takes three to five years for the saplings to develop deep enough root systems to survive a lack of rainfall.  Since so many of us are in the park regularly it was an easy decision to "adopt" a tree and water it regularly in order to help ensure the survival of succession trees and the continued renewal of the magnificent tree canopy.  

 What's Involved:

  • Five gallons (20L) of water a week from May to October,
  • weeding around the tree's base to avoid competition for the water,
  • and a spring and/or fall mulching which helps slow water evaporation, prevents the mowers from damaging the bark and keeps the weeds down.

We supply the water source, watering tools, training ... oh - and the trees!!



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