Super big thanks to community volunteers Lesley, Darren, Lu and Grady for helping us take down the paper hearts from the sakura trees. It's an installation that was not taken down in a timely manner - which is all the Friends ask. If left, in time, all that will remain are the weather beaten dregs.  Which kinda loses the 'charm' of any installation. Don't you think?   Already the material used to tie the paper hearts were beginning to damage /choke the small branches - trees grow - eventually doing serious damage that can lead to destruction of the tree.  The 'Bring Back the Girls' installation was a beautiful gesture, but we waited and waited for them to take it down, to no avail.  Sorry, but the time had come.  Several of tree adopters of those trees were disappointed too - they shouldn't be expected to take them down.

The strings/ribbons and elastic bands used to tie the paper hearts to the branches/tree were a bit of a challenge to remove. Since they'd been up since Spring, they were all tangled and twisted around each and every small branch they were tied to. The only way was to carefully cut them off. It took the five of us about 20 mins. There were over 200 of them.

Please, please, please, if you are going to do some rogue art in the park, take it down in a timely fashion, let's say a no more than a month.  AND do not tie, tape, nail, attach anything to the trees or do damage to the park.  It's just not good for the health of the trees / green space nor is it cool.  Think about how it can leave no footprint and how you can take it down easily.  We are loosing so many to the emerald ash borer. Does it make sense to lose a tree because of an installation? We want to enjoy both, so make it so ladies and gentlemen.

Cheers. Enjoy our awesome park.

heartshearts in treeshearts baggedheart strings


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