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A big HUGE thank you to the 13 volunteers who came by last Saturday (August 13) and spent several hours pulling burdock, applying fresh mulch to the farmer's market area and pulling weeds from the garden gate flower beds.  What a difference it's made! 


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YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!  Mayor Ford and some City councillors want to increase user fees across Toronto for many important services and programs.  Among them is Farmers' Markets.  The Toronto Farmers Market Network ( has started a petition to stop fee increases to Farmers' Markets. Any increase in the cost to Toronto Farmers' Markets may put farmers in a position where they can no longer participate. Please send a message to Mayor Ford and your councillor telling them to keep fees to Farmers' Markets low by signing the petition.  We need to get as many signatures as possible by early Sept. 2011.   

Please spread the word/share this information.  Thank you.  or via


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One of the oldest trees in our park, per our 2009 tree inventory, is the Shagbark Hickory in the north end near Dundas Street West.  As of this week though, it's sporting an orange dot of death.  This means it's marked for removal.  The tree has been unwell and losing foliage and branches for a number of years but it is still sad to see it go.

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The current drought conditions have come to the point where "Officials are asking people to break out their hoses and saturate trees on their own property and on city boulevards and local parks."

Read the Weather Network's article.

Some four dozen volunteers currently regularly water the newly planted saplings in our park.  But there are still two pair of Sakura cherry trees and 11 new saplings needing regular watering and needing adopters -- can you step up and help?  If so, contact adoptatree (at)

In fact all the trees in the park, young and old, are in need of water.  If you are a neighbor of the park please, as the above article suggests, consider watering the trees nearest you -- it would be such a shame to lose them.

The plans for the bikeway through Trinity Bellwoods Park continue apace. 

FoTBP reps Anna Hill, Carolyn Wong and Michaelle McLean were invited by Councillor Layton to attend a stakeholders consultation on April 26, 2011 along with two local reps of the Bike Union, Herb van den Dool and Michael to view the city's bikeway plans.  The meeting was hosted by David Nosella, Supervisor of Capital Projects, Landscape and Environment, Parks, Forestry & Rec, Daniel Egan, Manager, Cycling Infrastructure and Programs, Transportation Services, Alex Shevchuk, Acting Supervisor, Area Landscape & Planning Initiatives, Parks Forestry & Rec, Planning, Design & Development, and Marco Bianchi from Councillor Layton's office.  (Councillor Layton was delayed at another meeting.)

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Five new Ginkgo biloba sapling trees were added to the park this week.  They were planted just north west of the circle-drive in the south end of the park and we're told they've been planted near an Ash tree that is not expected to survive the ash-borer invasion.

If we can find volunteers willing to regularly water them, we'll add them to the Friends' Adopt A Tree program.  And oh look -- they're very close to the water source in Art in the Park area where there's water jugs and a bundle buggy.  Interested?  adoptatree (at)

For more information:  Adopt A Tree program

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