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Councillor Minnan-Wong (Don Valley East ) who says “the number one user of parks are the dogs” proposes that all city parks become off-leash areas. See the full story in this Toronto Star article:

Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park (FoTBP) says “Dear Councillor Minnan-Wong: please visit our downtown park (or any downtown park) on any day of the week, at any time of the year and you’ll quickly discover it's not just dogs/owners using the park.  We believe leashed and off-leash areas in our parks are important so that everyone – dog-owners, children, non-dog-owners, the dog-fearful, the elderly, the frail, the sports players  -- can all freely enjoy our wonderful parks.”

TBP Spring Day w people
Trinity Bellwoods Park on a spring day….

 TBP Spring Day in playground
Trinity Bellwoods playground on a spring day.

TBP Market Day in summer
Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market on a summer day.

What do you think?  Please voice your thoughts to our City Councillor Mike Layton, Councillor Minnan-Wong and the Director of Parks.

Councillor Mike Layton – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Councillor Minnan-Wong – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richard Ubbans, Director of Parks, Forestry & Recreation - 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park

We thought you'd be interested in this article in the Toronto Star on one of the park's iconic white squirrels -- injured, rescued and seems to be doing fine now.  She will be released back into the park within a few weeks.

The September 27th Toronto Star article is titled Rare White Squirrel is on the mend at Toronto Wildlife Centre.

White squirrel injured

Photo from Toronto Wildlife Centre which is a charitable organisation dedicated to wildlife rescue, veterinary care, rehabilitation and education.


FoTBP Squirrel SMALL

Some Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Parks updates and notes:

1. FoTBP Fall Meeting - Weds, September 26, 7-8:30pm, Trinity Rec Centre, 2nd Floor art room
2. Little Free Library - looking for a volunteer caretaker
3. Adopt a Tree Program Update
4. Self-Guided Tree Tour coming
5. Farmer’s Market
6. Greenhouse

1. FoTBP Fall Meeting - Weds, September 26, 2012,  7-8:30pm Trinity Rec Centre, 2nd floor art room

It's time for one of our thrice-annual get togethers.  Do you have an interest, idea or concern having to do with Trinity Bellwods Park?  Want to volunteer in the park?  Give us a shout in advance and it will be put on the agenda, or simply come by and it will be added to "Other Business"

II. PARK BUSINESS (30 Minutes)
i) New Slack-line and exercise equipment in the park-info update
ii) Little Free Library presentation

2. Little Free Library - looking for a volunteer caretaker

The Little Free Library ( ) - There are now  almost 3000 world-wide. Mounted on front lawns, in parks, or attached to a building, the sign reads “Take a Book-Return a Book.” People help themselves to reading material the neighbourly way: no membership, no signing out, and no penalties, 24 hours every day. At least 20 of these doll house size libraries exist in Ontario. Toronto possesses 10: all in The Beach neighbourhood and  with more than 10 others under consideration in downtown core.  Here’s some local coverage and info in a Torontoist article and an item on George Stroumboulopoulos/CBC:

Beaches residents Greg York (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Bill Wrigely recently received $1000 from the Awesome Foundation to expand the project to Trinity Bellwoods Park.  The project still needs agreement from the local community (that’s you), a local steward to oversee and maintain the project (could that be you?), and agreement from the Parks Dept and the community on a suitable location. 

On receiving the award Bill and Grey said “The $1000 award that Awesome provided us will ensure that the project will happen much to the joy of those who use the park. More importantly, it will become the motivation for other parks to follow suit.”

Come out to our next Friends meeting to hear Greg and Bill pitch the idea, and to explain the Who, What, Where and When about the project. 

WHO - will build and install it and how, who monitors it and how often, who absorbs repairs/cost ie. maintenance
WHAT - description, intended size, how many books it may hold
WHERE - in the park and if so, where? on your front lawn?
WHEN - for how long the project intends to stand & who dismantles (leave no footprint) it when over.

3. Adopt a Tree Program Update

If you've ever noticed those folks pushing bundle buggies of water jugs to and fro across the park with a satisfied look on their face you're staring at one of the 73+ volunteer friends and neighbors of the park who are part of the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park's Adopt A Tree Program.  Small neighbourly steps in the park, one giant stepping-it-forward handshake to the future, helping to guarantee there will continue to be a shady canopy in the park.  Huzzah! 

The program will be winding down for the season sometime in October, but there are always young trees needing adopting (two cherry trees in the south end of the park right now) as people move out of the neighborhood or their circumstances change or new trees are planted.  Contact Michaelle, AAT Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It's been, until recently, a drought-y summer in the city again.  Besides the parched weather, the young trees have faced other challenges -- one in the north along the laneway had its bark stripped which guarantees it will be dead by year's end.  There also seems to be a plethora of broken branches on all the trees in the park this year.  One suspects an unthinking soul is perhaps climbing the trees, careless of the permanent damage they are doing....? 

4. Self-Guided Park Tree Tour coming

Following (albeit slowly) on the 2009/2010 Tree Inventory of Trinity Bellwoods Park which FoTBP commissioned, a Self-Guided Tree Tour which visits at least one of each of the 65+ species of trees in the park will be available via FoTBP's website in the coming weeks.  The on-line, downloadable and iPhone friendly Tree Tour is being created with the assistance of Baye Hunter and Canadian Tree Tours.  The city's Parks Department is still debating an acceptable design for physical tree tags but in the meantime our electronic tour will use maps and gps locates -- no trees damaged, no physical footprint.  More soon.

5. Farmer’s Market

What a brilliant year it's been for tomatoes, peaches and blueberries!  The TBP Farmer's Market which runs every Tuesday, 3-7pm with it's final 2012 day on October 30th.  Get out there and enjoy the fresh produce while it lasts.  Their website and Twitter feed list what produce is available each week -- check it out at

Fmarket 2012

6. TBP Greenhouse

Thinking ahead, if you're interested in getting involved with and/or accessing growing space in the community greenhouse in the park this coming winter -- or have ideas about how to utilise this space in non-growing seasons, please contact Anna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What a team -- those Hammerheads were at it again on Thursday August 30th, picking up litter in our park.  You might remember they were also here this spring. Great big thanks!

Hammer Heads Trinity Bellwoods Clean Up Aug 2012

A fine and handsome group they are too....The Hammerheads are part of Central Ontario Building Trades' "Hammerhead" program which is a skill and employment-based training program within the construction industry offering apprenticeship career opportunities to youth and this is not the first year they've shown such community spirit in our park.

The Toronto Animal Services mobile license and microchip clinic will be offering chip implants + license for your dog ($30) or cat ($20), at locations around the city - including Trinity Bellwoods Park.  A chip will cost only $5 if your dog or cat is already licensed.

Saturday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.: Trinity Bellwoods Park, Queen St. W and Strachan Ave.

chip truck

You can read more at the city Animal Services site and in the Toronto Star Article "Chip Truck Goes on the Road"

This event coincides with the Responsible Dog Ownership Day in the park which take place at 11am.

Project Update - due to noise complaints, vandalism and rain damage, the Grenada piano that was briefly installed near Queen and Gore Vale as part of the "Play Me I'm Yours" project has been removed from the park.  If you would like to play another one of the 41 pianos that are scattered throughout Toronto until the end of July, check out this link to find a piano near you.  If you are looking for a piano in a nearby park, you will find one at Christie Pitts, the Music Garden, at Queen's Park and at Sunnyside Beach. Complete project details can be found at
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