Below are our past meetings minutes.  This post is an attempt at gathering them all in one place.  Additional minutes that could not be included below can be found, with additional information, by scrolling down page.  The Friends are/have been made up of a real mix community volunteers. The minutes are not technical, but do supply a history of our goings on and common issues surrounding the park.  



















Friends winter meeting was held March 7th, 7pm to 8:30pm at the Rec Centre, 2nd floor art room. 

Minutes by M. McLean

Present (19 people): Anna Hill (Chair), Michaelle McLean (Minutes), Carolyn Wong (Steering Committee), Marco Bianchi (Councillor Layton's office), Brian Green (Park Supervisor), Gene Threndyle, Jiva Mackay, Paul Mezei, Melissa Luk, Phil Goodfellow, Matt Galvin, John Sheard, Ben Watt-Meyer, + others


Steering Committee Reports (Each item is a 5 minute presentation = 30 minutes total)

-         Introductions by meeting Chair – Anna

-         Social media – Leigh/Carolyn

-         Farmers’ Market – Carolyn

      -         Adopt-a-tree – Michaelle
      -        Greenhouse – Anna

      -        Greenhouse Discussion Group / Rec Centre Pop Up Café – Gene and Jiva

Park Business (Each item is a 5 minute presentation followed by 5 minute us of Q&A = 60 minutes total)

-         John Gibson House/Tree Removal – Lisa K

-         Need for revised ice rink schedule & natural ice rink - Anna

-         Little Free Library (LFL) committee update – Melissa/Rich

-         Garrison Creek, David Suzuki National Park - Minaz

      -         Bike racks, slackline & other - Brian Green, Parks Supervisor

Other Business (30 mins approx.) - other business added on the spot pending time availability


7:00pm Welcome and introduction by Chair and a reminder that anyone can be on the Steering Committee but ask that you come with an area of interest you are prepared to volunteer organising.

Steering Committee Reports

1. 7:02pm FoTBP Social Media Update – Carolyn – FoTBP's website, Face Book page and Twitter account are all volunteer run; aim is to post anything park-related; feel free to forward info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.  7:05pm Farmer's Market Update – Carolyn (Market Manager) – first day will be May 7th; there will be a few new vendors but the line-up is still being finalised;
- Chris asks how one can apply to be a vendor; Carolyn explains application is by invitation, each vendor submits a deposit of $250 with a season fee of $500; per Public Health rules 51% of the vendors must be farmers so Carolyn curates the selection; cap is 20 vendors due to parking limitations.

3.  7:10pm Adopt A Tree Program Update – Michaelle (AAT Coordinator, a volunteer position) – 2013 season doesn't get going until mid-May or early June depending on weather; will be checking in with all the adopters shortly; always looking for more adopters; recently Park People commissioned Michaelle to write a "How to start Your Own AAT" to be made available on their website and to other "Friends of" groups.

4. 7:12pm Greenhouse Update – Anna (Greenhouse Coordinator) – since inception the Greenhouse has only been used in the late winter/early spring for seedlings; about 30 individuals have been involved; two years ago the AAT started using the water source in the summer; last winter the Greenhouse was broken into three times and someone was occupying it so a call was put out to develop programs in the Greenhouse for other months of the year; Gene and Jiva started the "Hot House Discussion Group" in the Greenhouse over the first nine weekends in 2013.
- the next Greenhouse meeting is Sunday, March 17 from 11am to 1pm in the Greenhouse – all welcome.

5. 7:12pm Greenhouse Discussion Group / Pop Up Café – Gene and Jiva
Gene and Jiva are proposing a pop-up café in the Rec Centre using its kitchen over this summer on Tuesday evenings after the Farmer's market. This would be a small, sort of trial run for a café that would happen more often, and perhaps all year. They have no resources at the moment and have only just started developing the idea – they'd like the support of Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park.
Anna (Chair) – explains that FoTBP Steering Committee itself doesn't generally take official positions but seeks to be a conduit for community feedback; opens the floor for feedback and asks if anybody present has objections or questions to the idea?
Question – what would be the price of a meal?
Answer (Gene) – don't know yet, there still lots to work out.
Question (Michaelle) – would it ever involve building a new building or more structures in the park's green space?
Answer (Gene) – No, they're aiming to use the existing and un-used facilities in the Rec Centre.
Anna (Chair)- no one seems to be against the idea so you can say you've got community support at this meeting.
- if people want to help put this idea together contact Gene at gene at genedigs dot com

- FoTBP to post the info on the website and include in next eBlast with a link to the Hot House Discussion FaceBook page
Copy of Community Suppers Proposal Hot_House_Community_Suppers_docx.pdf
Copy of Hot House Discussion Report Hot_House_Discussion_Group_Trinity_Bellwoods_docx.pdf

Park Business

6. 7:35pm John Gibson House Expansion & the Maple Tree
Paul Mezei (of Relish Design) explained that he was invited to a meeting with the city planner by a Crawford Street resident; lots has changed to the renovation/addition plans for JGH since the public meeting in 2009 which will impact the park including the proposed removal of the maple tree for a wheelchair ramp – despite the assurances in 2009 that no trees would be lost. The renovation is planned in three stages 1) Accessibility ramp which has some funding in place; 2) interior renovations, and 3) exterior renovations and rebuilding (no funding yet in place).
- Marco clarifies that JGH is on a lot that is city-owned but the lot is not parkland and reports that the zoning examiners have given the renovation a go-ahead
- Comment from the floor – but the new fences and transformers will impact the green space which is heavily used now by the public
- Comment from the floor – because TBP is such a heavily used park perhaps a big media push suggesting JGH's current use has outgrown the park could help?
- Comment from the floor – (Michele) – has advice on what to file with the city to prove your parking access if you live behind JGH; believes construction will take 1 ½ years and that construction vehicles will be coming through the middle of the park because of access difficulties through the north laneway due to land-owners needing parking access to their property
- Marco – Councillor Layton's office will be continuing their good dialogue with Jim McMann (Coordinator of JGH) and the Property Manager with regard to the tree and it's currently looking good for a re-design of the wheelchair ramp so the tree will be saved.
- Paul would like to bring this to the attention of neighbors and park users and start a working group. Paul leaves a signup sheet for those in the room


- people interested in putting together a working group should contact Lisa Klapstock at lisaklapstock at rogers dot com
- FoTBP will include a call-out on the website and in next eBlast

7. 8:05pm Need for revised ice rink schedule & natural ice rink– Anna explained that there's been discontent about the ice rink not being accessible for caregiverswith kids due to the daily after-school scheduling for shinny hockey for 14-18 year olds from 3 to 5:30pm. As a temporary solution, a community group called "Team Hoser," created a natural ice rink but due to the unpredictable weather it melted a lot; a new solution is needed. Anna and Chris (from the Trinity Bellwoods Community Association) met with Rec Centre Manager Maryann Dibiagio and the ice rink staffabout improving the schedule for next season; they seem to have agreed that two afternoons a week would be for public skate, two afternoons for 14-18 year old shinny, and one afternoon could see a split rink for pucks and sticks with caregivers and kids, if allowable. The latter would be an experiment to see if the hockey kids can responsibly share the rink. Anna also reported that she was told that the women's shinny group, currently booked for one evening a week, is interested in a second evening slot.

8.  8:10pm The Little Free Library – Melissa Luk, Phil Goodfellow, and Matt Galvin responded to the FoTBP callout for interested neighbors to take the project on. Phil and Matt (architects living in the neighborhood) presented two possible designs ("Fold" and "Hang") they've created for a small, modern (non-birdhouse-looking) structure that could be attached to the playground fence to house the library. There was good feedback to the designs from the floor with most interest in the modular design, "Hang". Melissa said they need to expand the committee and are looking for members, and that they will need to do further fundraising and will need to spread the word about the project.
- comment from floor (Michaelle) – looks great, but believes that for the project to go forward it needs permanent stewards and concrete plans for its maintenance, care and ultimate demise (a life-time plan). It will not be Park Staff's responsibility nor can FoTBP anticipate their support unless we have all that in place;
- interested people should contact Melissa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- FoTBP will provide info on the website and include a callout in the next eBlast

9.  8:20pm Bike Rack and Slack Lining equipment – Brian Green (our Park Supervisor) reports that the covered bike rack idea grew out of a problem of bikes being left permanently in the park due to being snowed in, etc. However, the covered bike rack pilot will now be run in another park, potentially the Roundhouse Park or Massey Harris Parkette.

- Brian reports that the rise of slack-lining in Trinity Bellwoods park has raised concerns about wear and tear on the trees; Brian met with some slack liners last fall and got input and feedback on a park location and style of installation; he noted that there is already a slack-line installation in Downsview Park; it looks like Parks will trial a slack line area in our park north of the circle but south of the bowl and in the shade; installation of pylons to happen in late 2013; Brian will come back with drawings likely before the installation. Any installation would be easily removed after the pilot if they don't become permanent.

10.  Garrison Creek, David Suzuki National Park - Anna asks if people think FoTBP should apply to be part of The David Suzuki Foundation's mission to establish a "Homegrown National Park" following the former path of Garrison Creek, and if there are any volunteers to take it on? The Suzuki Foundation is seeking motivated and creative individuals who will work together with the David Suzuki Foundation and their project partners to help them enhance urban green space within the Homegrown National Park. The program will kick off with a Camp Suzuki training weekend in April. Foundation staff and program partners will help develop your idea, plan your project and engage your community. They say it's an opportunity to build your leadership skills, get outside and raise awareness of the nature around us;
- no hands popped up; Marco points out that anybody can apply, it doesn't have to be an organisation.

Other Business –

- Environment Day, April 13 – Councillor Layton's annual Environment Day will be held this year in Trinity Bellwoods Park, north end approx. where the Farmer's Market is held.




The Friends' Fall General Meeting was held Wed. Oct. 26th, 2011 from 7pm to 8:30pm at the Rec Center, main floor activity room.  Attached is a poster for meeting and the minutes from the meeting.

PDF Minutes from the meeting

PDF Attachment: TBP Sign Designs proposals

PDF Attachment: TBP Bike Sign Locations proposals



Our general Park meeting before we take off the summer. Usual reports and some interesting proposals for the park! Basket ball anyone? Fountain? Better come for more info and to give feed back. All are welcome. 2nd Floor Art room of TRC. See complete meeting agenda below.


JUNE 27, 2011

1) Introductions (Anna) - 5 min.
2) Treasury Report (Carolyn) - 3 min.
3) Website Update (Carolyn) - 2 min.
4) Farmer's Market (Carolyn) - 5 min.
5) Adopt-a-tree (Michaelle) - 5 min.
6) Park Day (Michaelle and Anna) - 5 min.
7) Green House (Anna) - 5 min.

1) West End Bikeway Proposal (Anna or Dave) + Q & A - 10 minutes
2) Basketball Court Proposal (Max) + Q & A - 10 minutes
3) Fountain Proposa (Bruce)l + Q & A - 10 minutes

III. NEW BUSINESS (15 Minutes)
1) ACAPO Review (Carolyn) 5 minutes
2) GSUS Note - Proposed Event-Pending (Duane) + Q & A - 5 minutes
3) Georgetown South Project -Proposed Neighborhood Development (Carmen) + Q & A - 5 minutes

*FEBRUARY 13, 2007*


1. Some dates to remember-
April 17th-Spring Community Meeting
April 21st Park Clean Up (10 AM-noon, at the playground)
May 27th-Spring Park Day, (10 AM-noon, at the playground)
June 12th-Summer Community Meeting
*(*All meetings will take place in the 2nd floor Art Room at the
Community Centre from 7 PM-8:30 PM unless otherwise noted)
2. Treasury Report
3. Annual Review of Progress toward Short and Medium Term Goals at April
17th Meeting
4. Call for new Steering Committee Members, Committee Leaders, and
Committees at April 17th Meeting






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