Who are we?
Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park is a volunteer group that works together to improve the green space, cultural and recreational activities of Trinity Bellwoods Park.   Its volunteer members have founded and operate a weekly summer farmers market, coordinate an Adopt-A-Tree program to water and nurture the new planted saplings in the park, created and operate a greenhouse as an educational and community resource, present bulb and shrub planting events in collaboration with Parks & Recreation and respond to community issues that affect the park.  Since 2001, Friends of Trinity Bellwoods has been recognized by Parks & Rec and by our Councillor as the vehicle of community consultation for the park.  We are a diverse group who are willing to share new ideas, respect other points of view, and participate in a collaborative process to create a vibrant community park. 

Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park have no financial backing from outside sources. We have been able to realize our initiatives (i.e. costs associated with the Adopt-a-Tree initiative, green house, Park Days, Clean up Days and the commissioning of the 2009 Tree Inventory) by soliciting donations from film shoots and Special Events that occur in the park – which is truly hit & miss – and the occasional private citizen.  Our Farmers Market, so far, has been able to contribute the past several years and plan to on an annual basis.  We are not flush, so if you would like to make a donation to the Friends, we will gladly accept.  Just drop us an email for more info. 

Why Should I Come to the Park Meetings?
If you have ever found yourself standing around the playground saying, “I wish we had…” or “why don’t they change…”; if you’re jogging around the circle thinking “wouldn’t it be beautiful if there were more…”, then you need to come to the meetings.

Want to join a committee?
Interested in GREEN SPACE or GREEN HOUSE? Want to know how to ADOPT-A-TREE? Would you like volunteer at the FARMERS MARKET?  And, who runs that PLAYGROUND anyway? 

What's our mission?
We hope to ensure that the park will be a healthy public green space for decades to come. Toronto's parks are often referred to as the "lungs" of our city. Besides providing a welcome refuge from the hurly burly of city life, park trees and public greens help clean our air of pollutants. Historically designated as an arboretum, Trinity Bellwoods, contains some of the oldest and most unique trees in Toronto. We want to take care of the existing natural environment and gradually improve it over time.

We believe that a lively, safe community is created through many small networks of friendships. The park allows people from all walks of life to spontaneously cross paths and strike up a conversation. In order to bring people together, we want to support a wide variety of park activities. Because we have an intimate understanding of park needs, we want to share our vision with Parks, Forestry and Recreation and our Councillor.

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