Nuit Blanche installation at Queen/Bellwoods

October 4, 2014 • 6:53 pm to sunrise
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Texting Syria

Liam Maloney - Montreal, Canada

Interactive Installation

Thirty minutes south of the Syrian border, 16 refugee families live in tents erected within a disused slaughterhouse. At night, the men get on their mobile phones and text home, hoping for news from friends and relatives still trapped along the front lines of the civil war.

Photojournalist Liam Maloney photographed them in the dark, their faces lit only by the glow of the screens. With the squalor of their surroundings mercifully cloaked in darkness, they could be us, outside a club, checking our messages - but their communiques are matters of life and death. Using your own mobile phone, find out what they were saying to each other in this interactive installation.

Liam Maloney is an award-winning photojournalist who examines the toll of conflict on civilians and the stories that take us beyond the headlines.

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Queen Street & Strachan Avenue, 647 887-2058

This project is both indoors and outdoors.


Cautions, pamphlets vis drinking this summer

Spearheaded by Toronto police’s 14 Division, the bike unit patrolled the Queen and Shaw streets park from early May to Sept. 1, handing out 1,625 verbal cautions along with pamphlets on park etiquette and 67 provincial offence notices at $125 each, a far cry from a City of Toronto bylaw ticket, which costs $360.

The project came about after a chaotic 2013 summer that left nearby residents annoyed and upset about the behaviour of parkgoers and overall disrespect for the area, Hogan said. Even City of Toronto park staff was at their wits end about the damage, vandalism and litter left behind after a weekend of illegal drinking in the park, he said.

“We had people riding motorcycles through here drunk, bringing in huge speakers, people urinating on people’s houses late at night, breaking things,” Hogan said. “It became a gong-show.”

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Orangic fertiliser on the playing fields

One or two of you were concerned about the material put down on the park's playing fields on September 26.

Safe for babies, kids, dogs and the rest of us?  Yes.

It was applied by the city staff responsible for caretaking the playing fields and it is 'pelletized' (sp?), aged chicken manure.  It is safe, organic but of course will smell for a few days.  Small price to pay.


Farmers' Market postcard design contest!

Our first ever Trinity Bellwoods Farmers' Market postcard design contest!  Would you like to design our 2015 promo postcard?  Deadline is the last day of market, Tuesday Oct. 28th, 2014 at 7pm.  Submissions must be dropped off at the info tent to Carolyn or Tessa during operating hours 3-7pm.  Winner will be announced in May of next season.  Oh, the prize?  $75 in tbfm vouchers to use with any vendor for the 2015 season, the glory and a credit line on the back of postcard.  Not bad eh? Go to 'latest news' of market tab on this site for details or click on below pdf.


White squirrel dies...

One of our park's iconic white squirrels met its end this past weekend while running the high wires.  May s/he rest in peace.  The Toronto Star and and Toronto LIfe have run items and photos.

white squirrel 4 white squirrel 5 white squirrel 6

(Note: these photos were found on google -- many thanks to those park users)

White squirrel injured

We're wondering if it's the same young squirrel that was treated for injuries by Toronto Animal Services and then released back in to the park in September 2012....?  The Toronto Star did an article at the time.

The Toronto Star's Margaret Bream also did an article called Wild in the City: Encountering the Mythic White Squirre which gives some good information about what they are.  It explains that what we have at Trinity Bellwoods Park is an albino eastern grey squirrel (Sciuris carolinensis) rather than a white morph — the name biologists give to a local variety of a particular species that appears different from the norm. Toronto’s black squirrels, for example, are a black morph of the eastern grey squirrel.

There is more than one in our park so there are sure to continue to be sightings -- but, sadly, fewer.


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Where is the Park?

Trinity Bellwoods Park is located at Strachan and Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. It extends from Queen W to Dundas Street West to the north, with Gorevale on east and Crawford/Shaw to west. A square 'handle' of the park juts west from Crawford to Shaw, which is where the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market ( is located.

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